Emergency workers aren’t 'dingbats'
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Emergency workers aren’t 'dingbats'

Gippsland East Nationals MP Tim Bull has this week in Parliament taken issue with the Roads Minister’s comments in which he has described those who have questioned the road safety barrier installation project as “banjo playing conspiracy theorists” and “dingbats”.
“This of course has included emergency service workers, including the CFA Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Trevor Owen, who has raised concerns over elements of the installation,” Mr Bull said.
“The issue is not about the road safety benefits of the barriers as it is clear that in appropriate locations they provide a higher level of safety; it is about the rushed manner in which installation works are proceeding without discussions with locals and emergency services.
“It is a shame the Minister has no respect for local paramedics and CFA volunteers who have raised these concerns, they do not deserve this and he should apologise.
“This morning a semi-trailer crashed through the recently installed Armco barrier on the Princes Highway between Stratford and Sale, which has generated a lot of feedback through my office questioning its effectiveness as a road safety measure in that location.
“Of course we need to await the accident investigation outcome, but what I would like to see, as I have requested many times, is for this project to be put on hold until proper consultation is conducted with emergency service workers, transport companies and local communities as it has not occurred to date.
“People’s concerns need to be respected – especially those of our emergency services workers – rather than be dismissed as ‘banjo playing conspiracy theorists’ and ‘dingbats’ as the Minister has done,” Mr Bull said.
Wednesday, February 7, 2018