Bull questions need for wild dog consultants
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Bull questions need for wild dog consultants

The revelation this week that the Andrews Labor Government has appointed a Sydney firm to conduct a “social network analysis of wild dog management” at a cost of $140,690 is alarming, according to Nationals Gippsland East MP Tim Bull.
“It is amazing that consultants from Sydney have been brought in to conduct a ‘social network analysis’ – whatever that is – when nearly $50 million was slashed from Agriculture in Labor’s State Budget. 
“That they’re happy to spend money on Sydney consultants is disrespectful on so many levels.
“Imagine what $140,000, spent right, could do for the wild dog control program – that’s a lot of baits or a significant boost to wild dogger support.
“This is the second time in recent weeks that we have seen how little the Andrews Labor Government understands about wild dog management and now we have scarce Agriculture Victoria resources being diverted to unnecessary outside consultants.
“The Minister for Agriculture should knock this consultancy on the head and scrap this program to re-direct the funds to some real support for our landholders against the threat of wild dogs,” said Mr Bull. 
Shadow Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh said Labor wasn’t taking the right action to protect landholders against the threat of wild dogs.
“The Andrews Labor Government has its priorities all wrong when it comes to wild dog control and making a difference for farmers and regional communities,” Mr Walsh said.
“Daniel Andrews’ green policy agenda is already beefing up wild dog numbers by leaving an all-you-can-eat buffet from the aerial culling of deer in Victorian parks and now landholders discover funds will be squandered on ‘social network analysis’.
“The Andrews Labor Government would do well to remember: the only good wild dog, is a dead wild dog.”