Local men remembered
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Local men remembered

State parliament’s condolence motion this week recognised the tragic loss of lives in the recent bushfires in Victoria, including the fire related deaths of three East Gippsland men.
Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, in speaking to the motion has paid tribute to the late Dave Moresi, Mick Roberts, and Fred Becker in which he described the heart-breaking circumstances of their deaths and the grief that their family and friends are enduring.
“I knew each of these men to varying degrees: Dave Moresi, the flashy star full forward for Swan Reach who I wanted to emulate as a young recruit; Mick Roberts as the knock about larrikin and good bloke from Buchan and Fred Becker the third generation sawmiller and local legend from the far east of Maramingo Creek, said Mr Bull.
“What they had in common was a love of the bush, their families and the small settlements they called home.
“The unique appeal of the forests, farms and townships of East Gippsland is something that we all appreciate, but we owe it to Dave, Mick and Fred and their families to do better on reducing fuel loads, creating fire breaks, resourcing of our fire agencies and fire planning.
“As a starting point I have asked for a return to the 5 per cent planned burn target which was based on expert advice provided to the 2009 Black Saturday Royal Commission.
“Dave, Mick and Fred will be greatly missed by the East Gippsland Community”