Fishing package changes sought
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Fishing package changes sought

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has sought changes to the commercial fishing buy out package structure, so that fishing families are not disadvantaged.
“I have corresponded with Fisheries Victoria and put a question to the Minister in Parliament this week to review what seems an unintended consequence of the legislation,” said Mr Bull.
“The approaches were made to support correspondence that has already been forwarded to the Minister by at least one local fishing family.
“The issue is how the money is being paid is not recognising fishing families as a husband and wife partnership, which we all know they are, which leaves them disadvantaged in relation to the tax outcome and not getting the full benefit of the package.
“The total payment is going to the licence holder, rather than the business, which creates the implications. Advice is that this can be rectified by a change in wording that says the government is acquiring the fishing business rather than the licence.
“It would produce the same outcome, but not disadvantage the fishing families financially and recognise that these businesses are a partnership.”

Gippsland Lakes image courtesy of Visit Victoria Content Hub