Jetty common sense prevails
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Jetty common sense prevails

Properties where boats are the only access point, can now have private jetties constructed, after a change to the State Marine and Coastal Policy.
Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, campaigned hard on this issue pre-Christmas when it became apparent the Draft document prevented private jetties being built on Boole Poole Peninsula and Mosquito Point at Metung.
“The situation was that we had landowners who planned to build, the only access was by boat and they were being told they could not have a jetty,” said Mr Bull.
“Not only was it denying access but impacting land prices and compromising safety if ever a family had to leave quickly.”
Mr Bull also said the draft guideline that did not allow memorial plaques on foreshores had also been removed.
“This was an area of concern where many locals signed a petition I presented to Government. An example was the memorial stone at Metung would have to be removed.
“While the direct reference to memorial plaques has been removed, there is reference to only allowing appropriate structures, so I will be looking to ensure it is not caught under this wider umbrella.”
Mr Bull said a third change was the removal of the intention to ‘minimise the need for capital and maintenance dredging’.
“The reality is if maintenance dredging needs to take place at a boat ramp or in a channel, it needs to take place and there was no need for the inclusion of this comment.
“While I will need to read the report in more detail, it seems some of the ridiculous suggestions of the bureaucracy have been overturned between the draft and final sign off.”
Caption; Local MP Tim Bull pictured at Shaving Point Metung says his campaign to overturn unreasonable elements of the draft State Marine and Coastal Policy has been successful.