Open our pools for those who need it
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Open our pools for those who need it

There’s an urgent need to reopen community pools to people with a disability or an acquired injury for hydrotherapy treatment and water-based pain relief activities, that often require use of a hoist.

Gippsland East Nationals MP and Shadow Minister for Disability, Tim Bull, said the past few months had been extraordinarily hard on people with special needs and acquired injuries who had been denied access to the form of exercise that provides them with a level of comfort.

“For many people, it’s their only reliable form of pain relief,” he said.

“In recent weeks I have had residents who use the public pools in Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance for pain relief and hydrotherapy purposes having their quality of life impacted due to no access. Common sense will tell you these facilities should be open for those who need them. However, under the current State Government guidelines they must be closed.

“It is a matter I have discussed with the Disability Minister personally two weeks ago, but it appears nothing has changed.

“Pools offer a wide range of unique treatment options for recovery and rehabilitation that aren’t possible in other settings,” Mr Bull said.

“Council pools are one of the few locations that can accommodate critical equipment, like a pool hoist, that provide relief by taking the weight off painful joints and muscles.

“But those in need are still being denied access. What we need is for the State Government to realise they need to be more flexible in this situation and to allow access to those who need it.

“It would also be good to have councils advocating on behalf of their ratepayers who need these facilities,” he said.

Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, wants State Government to allow shires to open pools, so local residents who need to access these facilities for pain relief can do so.

Monday, October 5, 2020