Nats maintain fight on childcare funding
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Nats maintain fight on childcare funding

The Federal Government’s refusal to pay its component of Take A Break childcare funding has been slammed in State Parliament this week by Nationals Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday night, Mr Bull said “I wish to once again draw attention to Take a Break childcare funding and the potential impact it will have on my region.”

“This program’s guidelines clearly state it is a jointly funded initiative by State and Federal Governments and Victoria’s money is on the table.

“This State Government has taken on the responsibility of funding it in full until the end of this year, allowing the Federal Government ample time to reassess its priorities.

“I call on the State Opposition to lobby their Federal counterparts to fulfil their obligations and the Federal Government to accept its responsibility of funding childcare services.”

Mr Bull later stated “When you think of the wastage of this Federal Government on schemes like the pink bats and the BER funding scheme where there was no accountability, it beggars belief that it turns its back on what is an important program for country Victorians.”

“My Federal colleague, Darren Chester, presented a petition to Federal Parliament recently calling for the reinstatement of funding and several of my colleagues at state level, including Peter Ryan, Paul Weller and Damien Drum have been constantly raising the issue at a state level.”

Mr Bull said he believed the State Opposition also had a role to play.

“Rather than trying to score cheap political points and attempting to lay the blame at the feet of the State Government, they should be lobbying their Federal Labor colleagues to reinstate their share of funding.

“Our Government has put its share on the table under the proviso Federal Labor meets its obligations, so the ball is squarely in their court,” Mr Bull said.