New easier dog bait laws
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New easier dog bait laws

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has spoken in Parliament in support of the Coalition Government’s latest measures to win the fight against wild dogs and called on the Opposition to commit to support maintaining the many changes made.

Mr Bull called on the Opposition to openly state its support for the variety of new measures this government has introduced, including 72-hour trap checking, the re-introduction of Lanes traps, establishment of the wild dog bounty and introduction of aerial baiting when speaking on a Bill relating to being able to manufacture baits closer to areas of use.

“This is the latest step this government has taken in supporting the control of wild dogs and the impact they have on our rural sector.”

Mr Bull said that with an election pending that was shaping to be very close, it was important Labor supported these changes and would not remove them, something they have failed to do.

Mr Bull told Parliament “I do not think there are too many in the House who can understand the hardship, trauma, stress, pressure and depression that occurs,” he said.

“The Victorian Coalition Government introduced the wild dog bounty which has resulted in more than 1400 wild dogs being killed and handed in. We have also reintroduced the bigger Lane’s traps, which were abolished under Labor and brought back aerial baiting, banned under Labor.

“The Coalition also kept 72 hour trap checking, instead of switching to 24 hour trap checking as proposed under Labor. This gives dog trappers more flexibility to get around and check traps set across large areas.

Mr Bull commended Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh for recently committing to get rid of the three kilometre wild dog protection zone bordering private and Crown Land and the recent setting up of local area groups to have a say in local control methods.

“This government has added a number of tools to the toolbox of those who are trying to combat wild dogs,” he said.

“Labor needs to come out and state it will maintain these measures. We know they are opposed to aerial baiting in Victoria, we know they previously banned Lanes traps and were going to implement 24 hour trap checking.

“Labor needs to state it will maintain the changes made as well as the dog bounty. The battle with the dogs is a long way from being won, but we cannot afford any risk of a step backwards in control measures,” Mr Bull said.