Minister invited to meet drought-impacted farmers
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Minister invited to meet drought-impacted farmers

The green tinge that disguises the grinding vice like grip of drought on the landscape isn’t diminishing the hardship that many East Gippsland farmers are experiencing.
This week in Parliament Nationals Gippsland East MP, Tim Bull, highlighted the plight of farmers in East Gippsland and has invited the Agriculture minister to visit and hear from farmers how the drought is affecting them.
“There has been a huge focus on farmers in New South Wales with the drought and the extraordinary hardship they are experiencing – and rightly so,” Mr Bull said.
“However, in East Gippsland we also have hardship at an increasing level with every week that goes by without rain.
“I encourage the Agriculture minister not to lose sight of the plight of our farmers in East Gippsland as those in New South Wales dominate the headlines and to make some time to visit them at their farms and hear what they are going through.
“One of the issues that they are facing is the potential for a fodder shortage over the coming months.
“As the New South Wales drought-affected farmers have accessed our fodder, it is disappearing over the border.
“It is an increasing concern to our farmers that if they get into more serious trouble, that fodder will not be there.
“I am aware that support subsidies come from the Federal government and recent assistance packages were announced that East Gippsland farmers can access, but I think it is important our State Minister remains aware.
“I’m just asking the Minister to be present to show her support and to take back some good ideas for how Agriculture Victoria can do an even better job to help farmers,” Mr Bull said.
Caption: Nationals Gippsland East MP, Tim Bull, discusses the impact of the drought with local farmers.
Thursday, August 9, 2018