Dedicated to providing faster rail services
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Dedicated to providing faster rail services

A Liberal Nationals Government will complete a business case for a new, dedicated rail line for regional trains through Melbourne’s south-east metropolitan system to make services faster and more reliable for East Gippsland passengers.
Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, said if elected, the Liberal Nationals would invest $8 million into a business case to look at opportunities for a dedicated line.
“Local passengers are frustrated that trains travelling to and from Melbourne get stuck behind metro trains that stop at all suburban stations,” Mr Bull said.
“Significant, long-term solutions to the current problems would be removed with dedicated line for regional trains through Melbourne’s south-east.”
Mr Bull said the business case would look at ways to separate regional and metropolitan trains out of Melbourne and resolve constraints caused by the Andrews Labor Government’s rushed, ill-conceived Sky Rail infrastructure.
“We also recently announced that we would invest $633 million to replace the existing long-haul fleet with more comfortable and more reliable trains and carriages for country passengers right across the state – and this includes those on the Bairnsdale line.”
Leader of The Nationals, Peter Walsh, said Victoria’s unprecedented population growth was placing more strain on the existing passenger rail network.
“The Liberal Nationals will do the work needed to deliver better rail services for the people of Gippsland, to connect these communities with each other and with Melbourne,” Mr Walsh said.
Shadow Minister for Public Transport, David Davis, said: “Only a Liberal Nationals Government will deliver better train services for regional centres like Bairnsdale.”
According to Public Transport Victoria, just 48.1 per cent of Bairnsdale services and 76.6 per cent of Gippsland services arrived on time in June this year – far short of the 92 per cent target. In the same month, 49 services were cancelled.

Caption: Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has welcomed today’s announcement that a Liberal Nationals Government will invest $8 million to complete a business case for a dedicated rail line through Melbourne’s south-east. 
Friday, August 10, 2018