September 2020
Tuesday, 01 September 2020 14:09

Recovery funds must be spent wisely

With the announcement of Federal and State funds for ‘new infrastructure’ as part of Victoria’s bushfire recovery, Gippsland East Nationals MP is seeking investment in a range of projects that will stimulate the local region’s economy post COVID.
“It appears there is around $68million to be spent in fire impacted regions of the state on new investment, which obviously includes both East Gippsland and multiple shires in the North East,” he said.
“We need to ensure our allocation from this it is spent wisely, on projects that will aid both our short and long term recovery.
“While we need to support those communities that were directly flame impacted with improvements, we also need investment in the locations that were spared the flames, but economically decimated.
“Lakes Entrance is the perfect example. It was not directly fire impacted but was significantly commercially hit as a result of the episode. That is one town that has some great projects on the drawing board and needs a financial drink from this allocation to help get back on its feet.
“My Federal colleague, Darren Chester produced an initial recovery plan document (available on his website) that remains a work in progress with projects having been added since it was released, and it is a terrific starting point.
“What we need to do as a region is spend these funds wisely by including projects that will increase our popularity and attraction to visitors.”
Mr Bull said he was having ongoing discussions with Bushfire Recovery Victoria on the structure it is putting in place for the allocation of the funds and looked forward to these briefings continuing.
Caption: Gippsland East MP, Tim Bull, said the Metung Hot Springs Project was one of the proposals that should be considered for bushfire recovery funding aimed at stimulating the local economy. It is a development that has the support of council and local State and Federal MP’s.
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