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Illegal animal activist petition

Local farmers and their families need our support and protection from unlawful extreme animal rights activists.

It is unacceptable that the safety, health and biosecurity of our farmers and their livestock is being put at risk through trespass and theft.

The State Government must protect law-abiding farmers and provide greater legal penalties for extreme animal activists who are threatening local farmers, their families and putting stock welfare at risk.

I urge members of the community to sign the petition below.

This petition of residents in the State of Victoria draws the attention of the house to the urgent need for stronger protection of law-abiding farmers and requests:

1. Aussie Farms status as a charitable organisation be revoked;

2. The Aussie Farms website that exposes farming families and threatens their property and the wellbeing of livestock be shut down;

3. Support a motion currently before the Victorian Parliament seeking stronger legal protections to appropriately penalise aggressive protestors and trespassers who threaten or encourage damage to property to incite trespass and biosecurity breaches.