Be prepared this fire season
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Be prepared this fire season

This year’s pending bushfire season is extremely concerning in the eastern region.
That was the clear message we received at a pre-bushfire season briefing in Traralgon last week provided by the Country Fire Authority, DELWP and Victoria’s Emergency Management Commissioner.
It was outlined at this meeting that while what occurs, or does not occur, cannot be predicted, it is highly likely we will be impacted by fire over the upcoming period.
Those in attendance heard it is more than likely, given the conditions, that these impacts will involve potential or likely loss of property including homes, fences, stock and other assets and while this is hopefully avoided, the major focus is – as it should be – on having no loss of human life.
Property owners are being strongly advised to make their homes as fire safe as possible and now is the time to do it.
In line with this, Wellington Shire Council is making all green waste disposal free over November and a reminder to all that it is free to dispose of green waste in East Gippsland Shire year round at landfills and transfer stations.
Some of our regions experience poor mobile phone coverage and while this has improved in some communities of recent times, it remains unreliable in others.
This problem can be exacerbated by the fact that fire often results in power outages, removing internet and television access.
Both ABC radio and TRFM are registered emergency services broadcasters and each household should make sure they have access to a relevant information source at all times as it is not possible for emergency services to knock on individual doors in times of danger.
Therefore it is important to make sure there are new batteries in the radio. There have been times in the past in remote areas where the power has failed and battery operated radios have become the primary source of information for householders.
It is incumbent on home owners to ensure they maintain the ability to receive the latest messaging around warnings and general information.
Preparing your property, having a clear plan and making sure you are able to receive the latest news are all important, but there is much more that can be done.
The CFA website has detailed information on how to prepare for the fire season and the local CFA office in Bairnsdale also has information available and helpful staff.
Don’t leave it too late, the landscape is dry and the time is now to make sure we are all prepared.