Foskey re writes history (again)
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Foskey re writes history (again)

Once again we have Greens Federal candidate, Deb Foskey, making misleading claims and trying to re-write history, says Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.
Ms Foskey labelled last week’s announcement of $10 million by Darren Chester to improve Lindenow Valley water security as ‘policy on the run’ Bairnsdale Advertiser, Thursday 18, April 2019, page 1.
“This is simply not true”, Mr Bull said.
“When the State Nationals provided $1m to investigate water security for the Lindenow Valley in 2010, a committee that included local grower representatives was established to undertake a study of three options - an off-river storage, on farm storage and aquifer recharge.
“The Federal Government, through Darren’s advocacy, then contributed an additional $500,000 to complete this work.
“Following the November state election I had discussions with the current State Labor water minister, who indicated that for various reasons, the off river storage option was not likely to proceed.
“Several meetings with growers then took place. They agreed that on farm storage was the preferred option with a government allocation matched by the growers’ own investment.
“I had several discussions with the Minister and she then made representations to the Federal Government also,” said Mr Bull.
“So after many meetings we had local growers seeking this outcome, both sides of politics at the state level seeking this outcome and to his great credit, Darren Chester delivered the funding Federally.
“That Ms Foskey calls this ‘policy on the run’ without knowing the detail or seeking to find out the detail is disappointing.”
Mr Bull said Ms Foskey’s comment that the Nationals never supported farmers to keep fracking off their land, was also trying to re-write history.
“It was the Nationals who introduced the initial fracking moratorium on coming to government in 2010, after Labor had granted over 20 fracking licences and over 70 fracking exploration licences.
“Not one fracking licence or fracking exploration licence has ever been approved in this state by the Liberal Nationals, but of course it does not suit Ms Foskey to acknowledge that.
”Rather than play the serial critic with misleading information, it would be more productive if the Greens candidate could start talking about the investment she will deliver for our region if elected,” Mr Bull said.
Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has called out Federal Greens candidate Deb Foskey for her misleading claims.