March 2013
Thursday, 28 March 2013 16:03

Major Vegco expansion

A $2.4 million upgrade to the Vegco production facilities in Bairnsdale is tipped to bring more than $3.8 million in economic benefits to the East Gippsland region and contribute to the creation of as many as 23 new jobs.

The multi-faceted expansion project includes: •    a new bagging line •    an upgrade to an existing high voltage transformer •    a new low voltage distribution board •    an upgrade to a compressor and •    an upgrade of the spinners which dry the salad vegetables after washing.

Vegco is already the largest salad fresh cuts factory in Australia, turning out up to 120,000 packs, tubs and bowls of salad a day.  The upgrade will ensure the plant has sufficient power needs to meet its seasonal peaks and also enable it to boost the throughput of its spinners by more than 70 per cent.  

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said the fact that Vegco had chosen to increase capacity at its Bairnsdale site demonstrated the company’s confidence in Victoria, and particularly East Gippsland, as a great place to do business.      “Vegco needs to increase production to service increasing demand for its range of products from both Victoria and New South Wales.  

“The great news is, the key ingredients in its products – crops like spinach, rocket and lettuce as well as tatsoi, wombok and other vegetables - will primarily come from around forty suppliers right here in Gippsland – mostly in and around Lindenow.”

Mr Bull said the Victorian Government would contribute $120,000 to the upgrade, and that the resulting economic impact represented a great return on investment.

“Increasing the capacity and efficiency of the Bairnsdale operations will provide additional job security for the 254 local people who work on-site, and will also directly create eight ongoing full-time jobs,” Mr Bull said.

“Local suppliers, growers, transporters and other local businesses will also benefit from the increased production, resulting in more jobs, higher wages and other flow-on benefits for the region.

“The benefits of this project are huge, and long-lasting.”

Mr Bull said the $120,000 grant, from the Victorian Business Flood Recovery Fund, was part of a long-term investment in local industry.

“Through the Victorian Business Flood Recovery Fund, we’re helping create sustainable jobs in Victoria’s flood-affected regions and encouraging private sector investment.”

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013 15:59

New support vehicle for Johnsonville Fire Brigade

Johnsonville CFA celebrated the arrival of a new $160,000 ‘one-of-a-kind’ support vehicle on Sunday, with State Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, on hand to present the keys to the brigade.

Mr Bull said the new support vehicle was a welcome addition to the local brigade and would be used in a wide range of emergencies in the region.

“It is great to be able to celebrate today’s milestone with a new replacement support vehicle that will help the Johnsonville CFA respond to emergencies more efficiently and effectively.

“The vehicle is one of a number of new CFA vehicles to be rolled out in the electorate of recent times,” Mr Bull said.

Johnsonville Fire Brigade Captain, Rodney Baylis, said the Johnsonville brigade took a decision 15 years ago to revert to one fire tanker and develop a multi-functional emergency vehicle as a replacement.  

“This new vehicle is the second iteration and was developed by local members. It is modelled on a Light Salvage Vehicle, however the fit out and function has been customised by the brigade.”

The main features of the unit include: •    LP gas flare off equipment •    Mounted telescopic lighting for field work •    Quick fill pumping •    Radio and phone communications and a fold away work desk for administration operational efficiency •    Extra fire fighting equipment including hoses, spare hydrant and couplings, signage and shovels to name a few.

“In the event that another appliance is not readily available this vehicle has the capability to respond to and commence handling a wide range of incidents where there is reticulated water or access to water by pump until a primary appliance arrives,” said Mr Baylis.

Mr Bull said the support vehicle was funded in partnership between the Victorian Coalition Government, the CFA and the Johnsonville community, including the Salt Creek Camp Draft Committee who has supported the brigade over many years with its fund raising activities.

“This new addition is a good example of the government and community working together and will further enhance the efficiency of the brigade within its boundary area, while also being a huge asset to its neighbouring brigades.

“The 2012-13 Budget included $57 million to boost the state’s emergency services infrastructure, including more than $22 million to build or upgrade rural fire stations, which is part of the Coalition’s commitment to build or upgrade 250 CFA stations during its first term of government,” Mr Bull said.

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Monday, 04 March 2013 15:58

Heyfield Tennis Club set for facility upgrade

Heyfield’s community will soon be able to get more active at the redeveloped Gordon street tennis courts, thanks to a $75,158 funding boost announced today from the Victorian Government’s Community Facility Funding Program (CFFP).   Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said the grant would help Wellington Shire Council kick start the Heyfield Tennis courts project which will provide even more opportunities for local clubs and the wider community to participate in sport.

“The recent fire events have had a significant impact on the local community and it is fantastic to be able to announce this funding today.

“The State Government is delighted to invest in sporting facilities that bring even more great benefits to the community, encouraging people to get together and get more active.   “This funding will help develop a quality, accessible community sport and recreation facility that can host bigger and better sporting events, accommodate more people of all abilities, and will play an important role in increasing participation and improving the health of the community for years to come,” Mr Bull said.

The funding will be used to redevelop the surface of six tennis courts with an acrylic surface at the Heyfield club that are currently severely cracked and in a poor state of repair.

Wellington Shire Mayor, Cr Scott Rossetti said after a particularly trying few weeks for the Heyfield Community, I am delighted to discover the State Government has awarded the funding to redevelop the tennis courts at the Gordon Street Recreation Reserve.

“This positive news is a huge boost for the Heyfield community and rewards the great efforts they’ve made in raising $25,158 locally towards the project.

“Council has contributed $50,000 to this project, with the total now standing at $150,316 thanks to the State Government’s contribution.  We’re looking forward to embarking on this project with the community and I can’t wait to see the results!,” said Cr Rossetti.

Minister for Sport and Recreation, Hugh Delahunty, said better sport and recreation facilities give more people the opportunity to get involved in local clubs and their communities.

 “We want all Victorians to experience the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles, and we are therefore pleased to work closely with local councils and communities to help them develop quality, accessible facilities,” Mr Delahunty said.

Mr Bull said the Heyfield Tennis court upgrade project was one of 63 projects to receive funding under the Minor Facilities category of the 2013/2014 round of the Community Facility Funding Program.

For more information about the Community Facility Funding Program visit

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull and Wellington Shire Mayor, Cr Scott Rosetti with members of the Heyfield Tennis club at today’s announcement of the $150,000 upgrade project to the Heyfield Tennis courts.

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Sunday, 03 March 2013 15:55

Gippsland East - State Government funded projects

Bairnsdale $10.0 million – new Bairnsdale Secondary College $1.25 million – Bairnsdale Library Redevelopment $70,000 – BRHS equipment and facilities upgrade $47,000 - Bairnsdale SES - New Vehicle $104,000 – Bairnsdale Secondary - Year 12 retention fund $500,000 – All abilities playground $86,000 – Bairnsdale Visitor Information Centre $150,000 – Mitchell River Stabilisation works EGCMA $299,000 – Bairnsdale Kinder funding $1,000 – Cobblers Creek Pony club – Uniforms $987 – East Gippsland United Football Club – Uniforms $594 – StMary’s Nagle Cricket Club – uniforms $8,000 – Secure Shedding – community safety grants $10,000 – Dragon boat project – community safety grants $50,000 – Bairnsdale Animal Aid $500,000 – Bairnsdale CBD improvement $1,500 – Bairnsdale Fly Fishers Club – Country Action Grant $47,000 – Bairnsdale CBD marketing plan

East Bairnsdale $100,000 – Howitt Park Lighting Project – EG United Football Club $80,000 – Flood prevention project at East Bairnsdale $150,000 – Mitchell River CMA funding $1,500 – Lucknow Cricket Club - VicHealth $4,000 – Lucknow Junior Cricket Club – Country Action Grant

Nicholson $100,000 – Nicholson River bass stocking project

Buchan $21,655 – Buchan Neighbourhood House – ICT Project   $40,000 – Buchan Caves renovated entrance $6,000 – Buchan Bush Nursing Centre upgrade medical and nursing equipment. $13,756 – Buchan and Gelantipy Racing Club $2,500 – Buchan Pony Club – VicHealth $7,050 – Buchan and Gelantipy racing – facilities upgrade

Gelantipy $184,900 – Gelantipy Bush Nursing Centre – Facility upgrade

Bendoc/Bonang/Tubbut 16,000 – Bendoc SES towards purchase of new vehicle $27,000 – Bonang CFA Tanker Retrofit $2,800 – Tubbut family history grant

Cann River $3.3million – Princes Highway Orbost to Cann River safety works* $41,400 - Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre - new equipment $650,000 – Cann River stabilisation works EGCMA

Mallacoota $1.6m - Mallacoota scenic coastal walk extension $90,000 – Coota connections project $14,080 – Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club Boating safety $5,000 – Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club $27,000 – Mallacoota CFA Tanker Retrofit $2,500 – Mallacoota Bowls Club - VicHealth

Orbost $166,400 – Orbost Preschool – Early Childhood services 15 hours Universal Access program – integrated family centred learning and support program $100,000 – Orbost Secondary College – Year 12 retention $300,000 – Small Towns Water Quality Fund – East Gippsland Water $5,000 – Country Action scheme and Victalent Grant – Orbost Pony Club First Aid program $3.3million – Princes Highway Orbost to Cann River safety works* $4,000 – Orbost Men’s Shed $10,000 – Orbost RSL War Memorial Restoration $4,500 – Orbost Pony Club *$200,000 – Lower Snowy and Tambo River stabilisation works CMA

Marlo $1.1million – Snowy River Estuary Walk $5,087 – Marlo Coast Guard $3,333 – Marlo Fire Brigade $27,000 – Marlo CFA Tanker Retrofit $6,292 – Coastcare - Restoring littoral rainforest in the Marlo foreshore

Nowa Nowa $38,820 – Nowa Nowa Arts Melange Inc $7,326 – Nowa Nowa Men’s Shed $30,000 – Kinglake industries feasibility study

Lakes Entrance $810,000 – Advancing country towns $100,000 – Lakes Entrance Croquet Club redevelopment $30,000 – Lakes Entrance Fishermen’s Co-operative Plan funding $20,000 - Seafarers Multicultural Festival $10,000 – Lakes Entrance Skyfest $40,285 – Lakes Entrance Life Saving/Coast Guard/CFA - Equipment $1,900 – Lakes Entrance Junior Football Club – VicHealth $2,200 – Lakes Entrance Surf Life Saving Club – VicHealth $200,000 – LEFCOL funding processing plant $10,000 – Lakes Skyfest 2012 $735 – Lakes Entrance Golf Club – uniforms $1,000 – Lakes Entrance Volleyball Club – uniforms $1,000 – Lakes Entrance Surf Life Saving Club – VicTalent $500,000 – Bullock Island refuelling facility $20,000 – Lakes Entrance old slipway study

Toorloo Arm $2,667 - Toorloo Fire Brigade – New equipment $3m – Toorloo Arm Primary School $27,000 – CFA Tanker Retrofit

Lake Tyers $25,000 – Lake Tyers Trust ICT project $1,630 – Lake Tyers Angling Club $70,650 – Lake Tyers boating access

Kalimna West $185,000 – Kalimna West Fire Brigade – New Tanker $33,000 – Kalimna Gully rainforest

Metung $1,795 - Metung Fire Brigade - Volunteer Emergency Services Equipment Program $2,463 – Metung Bowls Club – VicHealth

Swan Reach$1,900 – Swan Reach Hockey Club *$200,000 – Lower Snowy and Tambo River stabilisation works CMA $100,432 – Swan Reach Kinder funding

Johnsonville $27,000 – CFA Tanker Retrofit

Dargo $27,600 - Dargo Bush Nursing Centre

Lindenow $50,000 – Lindenow Recreation Reserve Irrigation $40,000 – Bulmer’s Farm Fresh – new supply channels $40,000 – Lindenow Recreation Reserve $4,232 – Lindenow War Memorial Restoration

Maffra $299,700 – Maffra Glassford Kindergarten– building extension $8,861 – Maffra Agricultural Show $27,000 – CFA Tanker Retrofit $2,500 – Maffra Queen Street Kindergarten & Occasional Care $2,700 – Maffra Croquet Club – Community safety grants

Stratford $60,000 - Gippsland Plains Rail Trail – Stratford Bridge upgrade $33,387 – Stratford Men’s Shed $1,000 – Stratford Football Club - Sporting Uniform Grants Program $2,500 – Stratford Kindergarten $300,000 – Kinder funding $4,499 – Stratford Lions Club – Community safety grants $5,965 – Stratford Mechanics Hall – Community safety grants $2,600 – Stratford Men’s Shed– Community safety grants $4,491 – Stratford Senior Citizens Club – Community safety grants $5,273 – Clive Disher Park Scout Camp – Community safety grants

Boisdale $20,000 - Boisdale Consolidated School to introduce Indonesian language classes $27,000 – CFA Tanker Retrofit

Briagolong $185,000 – Briagolong Fire Brigade new tanker $2,500 – Briagolong Kindergarten and Occasional Care Centre

Coongulla $142,000 – Coongulla CFA – New Tanker

Goongerah $27,000 – CFA Tanker Retrofit $3,187 – Goongerah Fire Brigade Operational Equipment

Heyfield $150,000 – Heyfield Apex Park upgrade $5,000 – Macalister Irrigation District Demonstration Farm $1,000 – Heyfield Bowls Club Uniform Grant $2,500 – Heyfield Kindergarten IT and Equipment $5,038 – Heyfield Scout Hall – Community safety grants $650,000 – Australian Sustainable Hardwoods expansion

Bruthen $2.55 million safety upgrade to Great Alpine Road, Bairnsdale to Nowa Nowa $1,000 – Bruthen Bowls Club - Sporting Uniform Grants Program $2,500 – Bruthen Bowls Club - VicHealth $10,820 – Bruthen men’s shed extension

Sarsfield $45,000 – Sarsfield Fire Brigade  - New vehicle $27,000 – CFA Tanker Retrofit

Omeo $8 million Omeo Highway works $2,500 – Omeo and District Racing Club $27,000 – Omeo CFA Tanker Retrofit $479,000 – GAR reseal works west of Omeo $1,419 – Omeo Agricultural Show Grant

Tambo Valley/Swifts Creek $83,071 – Swifts Creek Kindergarten - building extension $20,600 – Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre – new equipment $1,757 – Ensay and Swifts Creek RSL – War Memorial $27,000 – Ensay CFA Tanker Retrofit $1,000 – Swifts Creek Football/Netball Club - VicHealth

Benambra $3,320 - Benambra Fire Brigade New Equipment $1 million towards East Gippsland Shire roads and bridges( Benambra-Corryong Road resheet program  and Matthews Road Bridge replacement Benambra)

Raymond Island $5,500 – Local History Grant

Paynesville $3,410 – Paynesville Men’s Shed $300,000 – Paynesville town centre improvements $1,000 – Paynesville Junior Football Club - Sporting Uniform $12,291 – Paynesville Volunteer Coast Guard $300,000 – Paynesville Kinder Funding $50,000 – Paynesville/Eagle Point Land use study

Eagle Point $10,000 - Eagle Point Primary School – Language Startup program $50,000 – Coastcare – Gippsland Plains Conservation Management Network $6,638.28 – Coastcare, Paynesville/Eagle Point Flora and Fauna

Gippsland Lakes $10 Million – Gippsland Lakes Environment Fund $10,000 – Identify Gippsland Lakes signature event. $3,500 – Lake Wellington Yacht Club – Country Action Grant

Regional $160,000 – Improved Transport options – Latrobe & Wellington & EG Shires $20,000 – Various Schools – eSmart Cyber-bullying $150,000 - Roadside Weeds and Pests Program (RWPP) $115,025 – UnitingCare Gippsland innovative respite $21,000 – EGSC, attract future events $9,061 – East Gippsland Field Days – Livestock Yards $5,000 – Budjeri Napan Association – Country Action Grant $4,701 – East Gippsland Gymnastics Club – Country Action Grant $1,115 – Gippsland Gladiators Gridiron Club – Country Action Grant $5,274 – Country racing funding to assist Canni Creek, Tambo Valley and Omeo races

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