December 2017
Wednesday, 20 December 2017 10:20

Bull presents police petition

The State Government has again been called on to allocate more police to Lakes Entrance over the entire holiday period, with Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, presenting a petition to Parliament last Tuesday.
Mr Bull said the petition received strong support from the Lakes Entrance and district community, with 361 signatures in less than two weeks.
“I thank the local community for signing this petition as it is critical we see more police provided to the Lakes Entrance station over the entire holiday period to cater for the significant population increase,” Mr Bull said.
The petition follows a number of questions directed to the Minister for Police regarding additional resources at this time of year.
“I have raised the issue three years in a row now with Lakes Entrance only receiving additional resources for the New Year’s Eve period and at no other time.
“The population increases tenfold at this time of year with the town being a popular tourist destination. The regular roster just cannot cater for the extra numbers,” he said.
Having formally asked the Minister in October whether she would consider providing additional resources over summer, Mr Bull’s question is still unanswered.
“Despite two reminders now as it is well past the 30-day timeframe, the Minister has still not answered my question, which is quite disappointing as the Lakes Entrance community deserves answer on this matter.
“This is after I met with Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton in Lakes Entrance in January this year to specifically discuss the issue. In that meeting he advised he would review the matter and I’m yet to hear anything as a result.”
Mr Bull thanked business owners in Lakes Entrance for holding the petition, which can still be signed over the Christmas break.
Wednesday, December 20, 2017
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Tuesday, 19 December 2017 10:17

Is air-con fix on track?

An update on progress to upgrade the air-conditioning systems on the V/Line carriages that travel to and from Bairnsdale Station has been sought in State Parliament by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.
“Having made formal representations on this matter a number of times over the past two years, and with the Minister last advising that following a trial in 2016, an upgrade would commence in late 2017 and completed in 2018, I saw fit the need to ask how this was progressing,” Mr Bull said.
“We have unfortunately been in a situation that when the mercury soars above 36 degrees, the air-conditioning fails on these long-haul carriages, which is an unacceptable situation that I have repeatedly said needs to be remedied immediately.”
“Approaching the warmest time of the year, I am hopeful work has at least started on the upgrade of this system as it has caused significant concern among the community in recent years.
“Many users of the rail service are elderly and for these people especially, it is a serious health concern.
“Therefore, I would like to know how the upgrade is progressing,” Mr Bull told Parliament.
The Minister has 30 days to answer Mr Bull’s question.
 Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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Monday, 18 December 2017 14:57

Fire causes campground closures

East Gippslanders planning camping trips within the region over the coming weeks should check to ensure camping grounds they intend to visit are open, according to Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, who said a number of camping areas in the far-east are currently closed due to bushfire.
Mr Bull said the Wingan Inlet, Point Hicks, Thurra, Mueller, Clinton Rocks and Gale Hill campgrounds were closed at present, with the Cann River-Mueller Road Fire, now 9763 hectares in size, burning 16 kilometres east-south-east of Cann River (as at 11.53am, Monday, December 12).
“It is unfortunate that these areas have been closed by the authorities, however the safety of those who wish to camp in these locations is paramount,” Mr Bull said.
“Along with the closures of these campgrounds, access has also been restricted to West Wingan Road, East Wingan Road, Thurra Road, Point Hicks Road from the Fishermans Track intersection and Mueller Road,” he said.
“I understand there is a back burn underway which has increased the size of the fire and that firefighters are currently patrolling the entire fire edge, blacking out hotspots identified by aircraft and thermal imaging equipment.
“There is currently no threat to communities, however locals should continue to stay informed and monitor conditions.”
Further details on road closures is available at, while information on campground closures can be found at
“I encourage those looking to go camping to check these pages and remain vigilant about the threat of bushfire,” Mr Bull said.
Monday, December 18, 2017
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Friday, 15 December 2017 10:07

Mallacoota’s World War Two Story

The Mallacoota and District Historical Society has been quietly developing a unique collection of historical artifacts and photos from the days when Mallacoota’s airfield was an RAAF Advanced Operations base for aircraft patrolling the coast for enemy submarines.
Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull recently visited the restored Operations Bunker Museum to present a certificate to the Mallacoota and District Historical Society acknowledging their success under the Local History Grants Programs for a grant of $7,310 to purchase display cases.
“The Operations Bunker Museum is a credit to the Mallacoota and District Historical Society. The high quality of the exhibits and photographs vividly bring to life the story of how Mallacoota’s airfield took part in the campaign to protect coastal shipping from submarine attack during World War Two”, Mr Bull said.
“It was pleasing to see the large number of visitors at the museum and the dedicated, welcoming and knowledgeable volunteers who were on hand to explain the exhibits and answer questions.
“A lot of our war time history focusses on things that happened in far away Europe or the Pacific islands, and the Mallacoota and District Historical Society has done a wonderful job of preserving and honouring the story of the very real action that occurred right here in East Gippsland.
“I would recommend to anyone with an interest in our local history that they visit the Mallacoota Operations Bunker Museum and allow plenty of time to properly take it all in” Mr Bull said.
Visitors are welcome at the Bunker on Tuesday mornings from 9:30am with last entry at 11:30am.
Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, congratulates Joanne Grant, Secretary of the Mallacoota and District Historical Society on being awarded a grant under the Local History Grants Program at the Operations Bunker Museum.
Friday, December 15, 2017
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Thursday, 14 December 2017 16:48

Police question remains unanswered

The Omeo and Tambo Valley communities are still in limbo in relation to policing levels, with a question regarding coverage of these areas, asked in State Parliament by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, still unanswered.
On October 31, Mr Bull asked the Minister for Police whether there were any plans in place to cover for staff absences, when they occur concurrently at the Omeo and Swift’s Creek stations.
Parliamentary guidelines state the Minister must respond within 30 days, with that date having passed.
“I again raised the matter in Parliament to remind the Minister that these communities are awaiting response, given the 30-day timeline has clearly been missed,” Mr Bull said.
When first raising the matter, Mr Bull said: “I have been advised by several local residents that there have been a number of times recently, including this week, when both officers have been absent or off duty and policing coverage is provided from Bairnsdale.
“This of course is problematic as Omeo is over 90 minutes away and other locations covered by this station are over two hours away from Bairnsdale.
“Given the distance from Bairnsdale, I ask the Minister what is the plan to cover these absences when they occur as coverage provided from Bairnsdale is not deemed as adequate.
“There are always short-term absences that are hard to cover, but when the absences are known days or weeks in advance, arrangements should be put in place, especially at this time of the year.
“Local police do a fantastic job in responding to incidents across the region, however the community needs an assurance there will always be a presence provided at one of these stations as a minimum.”
Mr Bull said he was hopeful of a response in the coming days.
Thursday, December 14, 2017
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 10:10

Toll extension just not fair

East Gippsland motorists and freight operators travelling to and from Melbourne will be slugged with CityLink tolls for up to an additional 12 years to pay for the construction of the West Gate Tunnel – a road many Gippslanders will never use – under an Andrews Labor Government plan.
In Parliament today, Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, labelled said it was unfair for those who travel on the Monash Freeway to pay for the construction of a road in the western suburbs.
“Many Gippsland motorists use the Monash Freeway and City Link to access the city and accordingly pay the tolls that are paying it off. That’s how a fair user pays system works,” Mr Bull said.
“But what they won’t stand for is the proposal that see East Gippsland motorists who use the Monash paying for a tunnel on the other side of the city many will never use.
“This is why the Liberal-Nationals have voted to disallow the tolls extension.
“The only people benefitting here are Transurban shareholders, not motorists from East Gippsland or those living in the northern, south-eastern or eastern suburbs who regularly use the Monash.”
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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