February 2021
Thursday, 25 February 2021 09:13

Conran ramp will be upgraded!

Having advocated for an upgrade to the Cape Conran boat ramp for several months, Gippsland East Nationals MP, was pleased to be advised today that concept work will soon be undertaken for an improved facility.

“I was advised today that this will include an extended ramp, longer jetty and designs to combat the build-up of sand and weed. It is exactly what we have been asking for,” said Mr Bull.

“I will now be making sure the locals are consulted with. No-one has a better knowledge of this ramp and the conditions than the locals and any design from the Government brings in needs to tap into this.

“The Cape Conran boat ramp is exposed to the ocean swell of Bass which makes it a challenging proposition at times.

“The ramp can also rapidly accumulate sand and seaweed, so it might be fine when you launch in the morning, but on your return you may find that you can’t back the boat trailer down to the water, or if you can, you need another vehicle to help tow you out.

“For people who travel long distances to fish, it simply needs to be better. The uncertainty of the ramp’s functionality is a deterrent to holiday makers and it should not be the case.”

Mr Bull said the ramp is a major tourist attraction for off shore fishers and important to the region from a safety perspective.

“It is the only ocean access for vessels between Lakes Entrance and Mallacoota, but the problem is that it is not reliable.

“As we recover from the fires and COVID, many people are coming to this area to fish and they rely on this facility, so we need to have it usable all the time and give those visiting our area a good experience.”

Mr Bull said he was also pleased that his work with Fisheries Victoria and Better Boating Victoria for a plan for the West Cape ramp area had helped deliver this outcome.

Caption: Gippsland Nationals MP’s Tim Bull at the Cape Conran boat ramp.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021


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Wednesday, 24 February 2021 10:51

Victorian racing left behind again

With 8,000 people having attended a music festival on the Mornington Peninsula on the weekend, it is time Racing Minister Martin Pakula got crowds back to the races.
To see the footage of thousands of revellers partying in close proximity makes a mockery of the strict crowd limit that’s stopping so many racing enthusiasts from enjoying the sport they love.
Racetracks the length and breadth of the state by nature have open expanses that can be managed to ensure they are COVID safe.
At present, spectator attendance on course is subject to approval being under the Victorian Government’s Public Events Framework.
Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Racing Tim Bull
One wonders why the Racing Minister has been so slow to act again. Why is racing under such a tight rein when the Government allows 8,000 at a music festival?
The majority of race meetings have far less than this on course, but it is an important industry to the Victorian economy and a major employer and we need to get it back on its feed, not holding it back.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021 09:56

Call for a rethink on ANZAC Day march

With news today the decision cancel March’s Moomba festival has been overturned after intervention from the State Government, the Victorian Liberal Nationals are calling for a re-think on the cancellation of the ANZAC Day march in late April.
Major Events Minister Martin Pakula today labelled the decision to cancel the Moomba festival – which is held over the March Labour Day weekend – “premature”.
After the cancellation of last year’s Remembrance Day services, the decision to cancel Melbourne’s ANZAC Day march earlier this month due to coronavirus was disappointing to many.
The announcement sparked considerable feedback that the call had been made so early.
Every year on April 25, the anniversary of the Gallipoli landing, we take time to remember those who fought and made the ultimate sacrifice in all theatres of war. It is an important day for many.
Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Veterans Tim Bull
If the State Government can intervene on an event like the Moomba festival to be held in March, it should also be looking at ANZAC Day more than six weeks later, in a similar light.
We must take every precaution to keep Victorians safe, particularly those who are most vulnerable – including our veterans – but if we can hold a Moomba Festival there should be every effort made to hold a safe ANZAC Day march, which could have certain restrictions applied to ensure the welfare of those attending.

Friday, February 19, 2021

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Monday, 15 February 2021 12:05

Don’t punish country communities

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, said country communities and businesses need significant concessions if the state lockdown is extended past Wednesday.

“It is simply not fair that communities over 300-500 kilometres away from Melbourne, and without any cases, are forced into lockdown because of a metropolitan outbreak,” said Mr Bull.

“The last time we went into lockdown, there was an allowance for country people to be able to visit other country areas that were Coronavirus free. It worked well and allowed businesses to function and that should be the case again.

“For the past 14 months, since fires ravaged our area, businesses and communities in East Gippsland have been doing it tough. If travel and other restrictions need to be applied to metropolitan areas, that should be looked at separately.

“Our Premier, who only weeks ago was boasting his hotel quarantine was gold standard, is happy to have colour codes for different regions of other states, but treats Victoria as one location to the great disadvantage of many.

“It’s time he started looking after country areas.”

Monday, February 15, 2021

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 14:08

Less than 50% of planned burns achieved and still no plan

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has asked the Minister responsible for fuel reduction burns to outline how the government will address fuel loads, after the State Government conceded it had only reached 43% of an already low target.

“In the lead up to last summer’s horrendous fires, there were record fuel loads in the bush and DELWP’s own report showed that it had reached only 86,744 ha (43%) of its (already low) burn target of 200,000 – 275,000ha.,” said Mr Bull.

“When in government the Coalition increased the amount of area fuel reduction burned to over 300,000ha.

“Having asked the Minister a series of questions, she advised: ‘we are experiencing hotter, drier conditions, that Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) cannot carry out planned burns when weather is unsuitable and FFMV will not compromise on the delivery of burns’.

“However, what is lacking is any plan or explanation of how the Government will get anywhere near achieving its target. By the Government’s own admission, this is a figure that needs to be achieved to provide a reasonable level of community safety.

“It is misleading to have a target that you never get near and change nothing. What happens is fuel loads gradually build up and then you have an event like we had last summer.

“In a period where conditions are warming, surely we need to take stronger action on reducing fuel loads. To allow them to build up and build up in a warmer environment will never end well, as we have seen.

“Doing nothing and maintaining the status quo is not an option as it will end in loss of life.”

The Minister responded this week by saying efforts were being made to achieve more burns but could not refer to any policy changes that would allow the required reductions in fuel loads.

Mr Bull said he would like to see greater focus and fast tracking of indigenous burning programs.

“I have been in the bush and seen these practices first hand and heard from those trained in the art, that year-round fuel reduction burning can be achieved in the right areas in the right conditions, even in the middle of winter.

“This is one area where we could have a focus, but above all we need to hear this Government’s plan on what it is going to do, so we don’t have a repeat of last year in the years ahead.”

Monday, February 8, 2021

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Wednesday, 10 February 2021 09:20

Statement on 2021 duck season

I support the right to hunt and fish and the rights of the tens of thousands of legitimate law-abiding hunters, a high percentage who reside in East Gippsland, whose families have hunted for generations. That is why Saturday’s announcement of just a 20-day season and a limit of two birds per day is very disappointing.

It shows the Government’s intentions.

In contributing thousands of hours each year maintaining wetlands to ensure future sustainability of game species, Victorian hunters willingly volunteer to do what’s needed to ensure the future of their favourite pastime.

This includes years of work by Field and Game members to revitalise and manage more than 3000 acres of wetland at Gippsland’s Heart Morass and Macleod Morass for all to enjoy.

Hunting also generates $356 million for our state, supports thousands of jobs and brings families out to regional Victoria for a weekend away.

I support the continuation of the country way of life that has been enjoyed for generations.

Monday, February 8, 2021

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