Conran ramp will be upgraded!
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Conran ramp will be upgraded!

Having advocated for an upgrade to the Cape Conran boat ramp for several months, Gippsland East Nationals MP, was pleased to be advised today that concept work will soon be undertaken for an improved facility.

“I was advised today that this will include an extended ramp, longer jetty and designs to combat the build-up of sand and weed. It is exactly what we have been asking for,” said Mr Bull.

“I will now be making sure the locals are consulted with. No-one has a better knowledge of this ramp and the conditions than the locals and any design from the Government brings in needs to tap into this.

“The Cape Conran boat ramp is exposed to the ocean swell of Bass which makes it a challenging proposition at times.

“The ramp can also rapidly accumulate sand and seaweed, so it might be fine when you launch in the morning, but on your return you may find that you can’t back the boat trailer down to the water, or if you can, you need another vehicle to help tow you out.

“For people who travel long distances to fish, it simply needs to be better. The uncertainty of the ramp’s functionality is a deterrent to holiday makers and it should not be the case.”

Mr Bull said the ramp is a major tourist attraction for off shore fishers and important to the region from a safety perspective.

“It is the only ocean access for vessels between Lakes Entrance and Mallacoota, but the problem is that it is not reliable.

“As we recover from the fires and COVID, many people are coming to this area to fish and they rely on this facility, so we need to have it usable all the time and give those visiting our area a good experience.”

Mr Bull said he was also pleased that his work with Fisheries Victoria and Better Boating Victoria for a plan for the West Cape ramp area had helped deliver this outcome.

Caption: Gippsland Nationals MP’s Tim Bull at the Cape Conran boat ramp.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021