January 2021
Friday, 15 January 2021 15:58

Time for action on Conran ramp

Gippsland Nationals MP’s Tim Bull and Darren Chester are seeking an upgrade of the boat launching facilities at Cape Conran with ongoing maintenance issues causing problems over the holiday period.

Mr Bull said the ramp was a major tourist attraction for off shore fishers and important to the region from a safety perspective.

“It is the only ocean access for vessels between Lakes Entrance and Mallacoota, but the problem is that it is not reliable, needs constant upkeep due to kelp and sand build up and can often require maintenance within 24 hours of being cleaned – there has got to be a better way.

“A perfect example of this is maintenance was carried out on Friday, yet 12 cars and trailers had to be towed on Saturday due the sand build up over the 24-hour period.

“As we recover from the fires and COVID, many people are coming to this area to fish and they rely on this facility, so we need to have it usable all the time and give those visiting our area a good experience. Those who were there Saturday did not have a good experience.”

Mr Chester said the ramp was not only used by recreational fishers, but also commercial abalone and lobster fishers and emergency services. There are a range of reasons we need to upgrade the ramp into a more reliable facility.

“To see the number of boat owners coming to this location over summer is incredible and we need to move with the times and have a ramp area that meets the demand head on.”

Mr Bull said he was liaising with Fisheries Victoria and Better Boating Victoria for an independent plan to be completed for the East Cape ramp area with a focus on modernising the area and creating a more reliable launching facility.

“I would hope we can have a design that caters better for boaters, a better finger jetty, fish cleaning facilities and a new design that assists in keeping sand and kelp build up off the ramp. These are the outcomes we should be exploring.

He said community groups like East Gippsland Shire Council, Destination Gippsland and many local businesses supported an upgrade.

“These organisations realise the importance of a reliable ramp to our local tourist industry and quite rightly are behind the push for an upgrade.”

Caption: Gippsland Nationals MP’s Tim Bull and Darren Chester at the Cape Conran boat ramp.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 11:40

Rodeo grounds will become community hub

With $341,600 in funding for a significant upgrade, Omeo rodeo grounds will become a significant community hub, able to host a range of events.

The allocation has come from bushfire recovery funds and will allow a significant upgrade that includes new toilets and showers, a modern entry, lighting and general improvements.

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, who strongly supported the application with Bushfire Recovery Victoria, paid tribute to the local hard-working committee who lobbied hard and put together the funding application.

“This committee has been functioning in the town for 65 years and over this period of time the rodeo has grown into a renowned event that has contributed so much to the local community economically, both through those visiting the town and the distribution of proceeds.

“When this work is done, it will be a reward for the hard-working committee and provide a facility that can host a range of events.

“The location of the rodeo grounds is a terrific amphitheatre where the crowds can sit on the hill seating and look down on to the yards. It really is a great outdoor entertainment venue.”

Mr Bull said the upgrades would also provide lighting over the sale yards which, apart from being utilised in cattle sales, was a location where many brought their horses and valuable livestock in fire periods.

Caption: In celebration of the funding announcement, Nationals MP’s Tim Bull and Darren Chester joined members from the Omeo Rodeo Committee and its Life Members together with the Elders Livestock team, to discuss the proposed upgrades that will benefit the Omeo and district community.

L-R: Nationals Federal MP Darren Chester, David Hill, Life Member Jim Flannagan, Colin Lane, Life Member Ron Connley, Bernard Flannagan, Nationals State MP Tim Bull, Morgan Davies and Erica Coulthard.

 Monday, January 11, 2021

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 11:36

Swanny netballers to see the light!

Swan Reach netballers will receive a new playing surface and lights after being allocated $114,000 from the Local Economic Recovery Program.

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, said the bushfire recovery funds were desperately needed on two fronts, damage caused to the playing surface after it was a staging location for firefighters, and the courts not meeting Netball Victoria specifications.

“Last summer there was damage caused to the playing surface and the Department provided funds for that work, but having met with club representatives last year, it was clear more than a patch up job was required,” said Mr Bull.

“Meeting club stalwarts Ray Field and Brian Wren on site, they explained the courts were slightly out of specification and lights were required to increase playing times.

“With this in mind, we pushed the project strongly with Bushfire Recovery Victoria and it was pleasing to see them prioritise the project and announce the funding in the first round.

“Council did a good job overseeing the application and we now look forward to the work commencing and providing a first-class playing surface for the netballers,” he said.

Caption: Swan Reach Committee of Management members, Ray Field; Brian and Joyce Wren and netballers Teanne Stephenson and Kelsey Beale are pictured with Nationals MPs Tim Bull and Darren Chester.

Monday, January 11, 2021

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