Statement on 2021 duck season Wetland image courtesy of Visit Victoria Content Hub
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Statement on 2021 duck season

I support the right to hunt and fish and the rights of the tens of thousands of legitimate law-abiding hunters, a high percentage who reside in East Gippsland, whose families have hunted for generations. That is why Saturday’s announcement of just a 20-day season and a limit of two birds per day is very disappointing.

It shows the Government’s intentions.

In contributing thousands of hours each year maintaining wetlands to ensure future sustainability of game species, Victorian hunters willingly volunteer to do what’s needed to ensure the future of their favourite pastime.

This includes years of work by Field and Game members to revitalise and manage more than 3000 acres of wetland at Gippsland’s Heart Morass and Macleod Morass for all to enjoy.

Hunting also generates $356 million for our state, supports thousands of jobs and brings families out to regional Victoria for a weekend away.

I support the continuation of the country way of life that has been enjoyed for generations.

Monday, February 8, 2021