Bull presents police petition
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Bull presents police petition

The State Government has again been called on to allocate more police to Lakes Entrance over the entire holiday period, with Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, presenting a petition to Parliament last Tuesday.
Mr Bull said the petition received strong support from the Lakes Entrance and district community, with 361 signatures in less than two weeks.
“I thank the local community for signing this petition as it is critical we see more police provided to the Lakes Entrance station over the entire holiday period to cater for the significant population increase,” Mr Bull said.
The petition follows a number of questions directed to the Minister for Police regarding additional resources at this time of year.
“I have raised the issue three years in a row now with Lakes Entrance only receiving additional resources for the New Year’s Eve period and at no other time.
“The population increases tenfold at this time of year with the town being a popular tourist destination. The regular roster just cannot cater for the extra numbers,” he said.
Having formally asked the Minister in October whether she would consider providing additional resources over summer, Mr Bull’s question is still unanswered.
“Despite two reminders now as it is well past the 30-day timeframe, the Minister has still not answered my question, which is quite disappointing as the Lakes Entrance community deserves answer on this matter.
“This is after I met with Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton in Lakes Entrance in January this year to specifically discuss the issue. In that meeting he advised he would review the matter and I’m yet to hear anything as a result.”
Mr Bull thanked business owners in Lakes Entrance for holding the petition, which can still be signed over the Christmas break.
Wednesday, December 20, 2017