It’s the time to help each other
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It’s the time to help each other

A new Facebook page “Supporting East Gippsland Businesses in 2020” was launched this week.
Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, said the idea came out of a meeting he held with representatives from local business and tourism associations and chamber of commerce representatives.
“The idea is that as we are forced into this localised circular economy where non-essential travel is restricted, there is no more important time to support each other and our local business sector, said Mr Bull.
“A number of local businesses have restructured the way they are going about things. For example, restaurants and pubs are introducing take away menus and home deliveries that they have never done before.
“This is an avenue to let community members know they can still support their local businesses in a safe way without compromising the safeguards that have been put in place.
“Already we are up over 1,000 members in 24 hours and this has the potential to touch well over 50 per cent of our local population. People can see what services are on offer and spend locally.
“It is now more important than ever to shop locally. We will have job losses from this coronavirus situation and our economy will be impacted, but one way we can help to limit the pain is to support each other through this period.
“It’s not the time to shop on line, it’s the time to shop local,” he said.
Caption; Local MP Tim Bull pictured with Ben West at Aroma Coffee House & Eatery is promoting “Supporting East Gippsland Businesses in 2020” to help business owners and their employees through the coronavirus situation.