New station urgent to house new truck
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New station urgent to house new truck

Lakes Entrance Fire Brigade last week received a new truck, which is good news for members, but it needs a new fire station to be able to be housed, said Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.

“Prior to last year’s election, we committed funding to build the new station as we knew this vehicle was coming, but also knew it would not fit inside the current facility, so I believe it is currently being ‘housed’ at a private residence.

“The current Lakes’ station is almost 100 years old and bursting at the seams, and the new vehicle cannot be accommodated on site with the existing fleet.

“I had a look through the current facility some time ago with former captains Geof Bassett and Bob Richardson and, apart from the struggle to house appliances, there is also substandard equipment storage areas.

“Over the journey, Lakes brigade members have been very active in their advocacy, and I’ve also had numerous discussions with both members and CFA management on this topic.

“Apart from the size limitations of the current site, the location is not perfectly sighted for a quick response.

“I will keep advocating for the outcome the town and CFA members need, but if this does not show the government the need for urgent action, I am not sure what does,” he said.

Monday, 11 December 2023