Bull seeks additional V/Line service, again
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Bull seeks additional V/Line service, again

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has written to the Minister for Public and Active Transport requesting a sixth weekday bus/coach service from Bairnsdale to Melbourne.

“There are currently five services each weekday, three trains and two with coaches that link up to the train services from Traralgon, but it is time we had a sixth,” he said.

“Between the early train that leaves at 6.14am and the service that leaves at 12.54pm, there is more than a six-hour gap and I am raising with the Minister for the second time, the need to have an additional early morning service that leaves Bairnsdale sometime between 8-9am, that links up to the train from Traralgon, that arrives in Melbourne just before 1pm.

“There is already a coach service that leaves Sale at 9.22am and one option is to have that commence in Bairnsdale and pick up passengers in Sale on the way through.

“It is not possible to get the train to leave from Bairnsdale as there isn’t time in the schedule for this to occur as the Government has not delivered the passing lanes required, but there is nothing stopping it initiating the coach service extension that presently commences in Sale.

“Currently, East Gippsland travellers only have the option of the early morning service or waiting for the next one at 12.54pm. With a growing population in the area, a service that left Bairnsdale just after 8am would fill a large gap.

“I would hope the new Minister looks positively at this request,” he said.

Caption: Nationals State MP, Tim Bull, is calling on the Minister for Public and Active Transport to introduce a sixth weekday V/Line service from Bairnsdale to Melbourne