$50,000 to help AFCOL’s environmental footprint
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$50,000 to help AFCOL’s environmental footprint

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, pictured with AFCOL Plant Manager, Mark Touzeau, at today's announcement of $50,000 in State funds for the purchase of a retort (cooker) that will greatly minimise waste, improve productivity and reduce costs for this vital local industry.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has announced $50,000 has been allocated to Mallacoota Abalone Cooperative to help it reduce costs and be more environmentally friendly - by conserving energy and reducing waste.

Mr Bull said the funding will allow the Mallacoota Abalone Cooperative to purchase a new over-pressure high efficiency retort (cooker) that will provide better control of the cooking process and significantly reduce wastage.

“In conjunction with the new equipment, the business will install an improved materials management system to monitor, manage, and optimise cooking recipes," he said

“On a tour of the plant today, Mark Touzeau – Manager of the Mallacoota Abalone Cooperative plant, said material savings of 801 kg will be achieved through reduced spoilage and reduced packaging overfill.

“Currently it is difficult to optimise the cooked weight due to the need to account for shrinkage during cooking and variable moisture content of the raw abalone. As abalone is a high value material ($140/kg) material savings are in the order of $112,000 per year,” Mr Touzeau said.

Mr Bull said this funding is part of the Victorian Coalition Government’s Smarter Resources Smarter Businesses program that has provided 69 Victorian businesses a share of $1.8 million in funding.

“Businesses receiving funding are located across Victoria and come from a range of sectors including manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, agriculture, tourism and aged care and it’s great to see Mallacoota Abalone Cooperative receiving a boost from these sustainability grants.

“The Napthine Government is committed to helping businesses manage these costs through using resources more wisely,” he said.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Ryan Smith, said the 69 recipients will save a combined $2.3 million a year in their operating costs, and 143 projects funded across all three rounds of the Smart Resources Smarter Business program will save in total around $4.7 million a year.

“This grants program has helped businesses save $10.5 million over five years, which is a significant investment in the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of Victoria,” Mr Smith said.

“Across the three rounds of Smarter Resources Smarter Businesses grants, the Coalition Government has invested over $3.8 million to help Victorian businesses operate in a modern economy, whilst reducing environmental impacts.”
For more information on the Coalition Government’s Smarter Resources Smarter Businesses program visit www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/srsb