Labor must stand up for CFA volunteers
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Labor must stand up for CFA volunteers

It has been revealed that Premier Daniel Andrews is considering a deal that would give the city-based United Firefighters Union unprecedented power to control the CFA.

Nationals Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said the UFU was demanding the ability to veto CFA management decisions, a move strongly opposed by the CFA’s management, board and volunteers.

“A number of local CFA volunteers have contacted my office in the past 48 hours raising concerns. As we all know, CFA volunteers are the backbone of many of our local communities and this needs to be respected.

“For a city-based union to be handed the ability to override CFA management decisions is insulting and would be disastrous for our firefighting service.

“The UFU’s disdain for volunteer firefighters is well-known.

“The fact is, CFA volunteers selflessly put their safety on the line to protect our communities and they deserve to be treated far better than this.

“Daniel Andrews and his Labor Ministers must stand up to this militant union and ensure the important work of the CFA and its thousands of volunteers is not compromised.”