Region recovering well after floods
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Region recovering well after floods

State Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said the region was recovering well after the recent floods and was looking forward to a bumper spring period.

I have spoken to a number of farmers who lost fencing and crops, but as always they are being optimistic. A common phrase I have heard is “in the scheme of floods it wasn’t a bad one”.

Mr Bull said it was important that the wider Victorian community knew that East Gippsland was well and truly open for business.

“The way some things are reported in the metropolitan media, people could be excused for thinking the entire area was under water. They see the worst pictures that are published and think that is typical, so we need to get the real message out there,” he said.

Mr Bull said he hoped these floods did not result in a summer algal bloom, but given the level of flooding, history would say it is more than likely.

“There is a greatly increased chance of a significant algal bloom in summer after floods of this nature in the winter as it dumps high levels of soils and nutrients in the system. If the other factors fall into place, including high temperatures, salinity levels and still days to name a few, blooms were very likely.

“They are a completely natural occurrence that was taking place in the Gippsland Lakes before white settlement, so if it happens I hope we can get well into the tourist season first,” he said.


Thursday, July 28, 2016