Train proposal is off the rails
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Train proposal is off the rails

Train proposal is off the rails

A proposal to terminate any additional Gippsland line trains at Pakenham will not be supported by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.

Mr Bull said the proposal had been made by the “Regional Citizen Jury”, which is part of Premier Daniel Andrews’ Infrastructure Victoria.

“The move would mean Gippslanders travelling on V/Line to Melbourne would be forced to transfer to Metro trains to continue their journey towards the inner suburbs and Melbourne,” Mr Bull said.

Page 30 of the Regional Citizen Jury Final Report, released on July 30, states: “Gippsland-Pakenham Rail Shuttle: Provide increased services on the Gippsland line that connect with metropolitan services at Pakenham”.

“Interestingly, this recommendation comes from a group that has no representation from this region at all.

“This will not be welcomed by train travellers. I have already had a lot of feedback, particularly from our seniors, who want to get on the train in Bairnsdale and get off in Melbourne without having to change trains.

“The service is used for commuters to and from work, to visit medical specialists in the CBD, to visit friends and family and by forcing a change of service at Pakenham it would unnecessarily and unfairly deliver a second-class travel system for the Gippsland region.

“Labor must immediately rule this recommendation out.”

Mr Bull said he was disappointed there were no local Gippsland representatives listed in the “Who Are We” section, which details where the jury members are from.

“The jury claims to “represent all of regional Victoria”, but this is clearly another decision that has been made by those have absolutely no idea what it’s like in the country,” he said.

Monday, August 8, 2016