Minister questioned on Gelantipy Road
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Minister questioned on Gelantipy Road

The need to repair Gelantipy Road, particularly in the vicinity of the 115-kilometre marker, has been raised in State Parliament by Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull.

Mr Bull asked the Roads Minister whether he believes it was acceptable for VicRoads to reduce the speed limit along Gelantipy Road to 80km/h (from 100km/h) as a result of its poor condition.

“My office has been contacted about this section of road by a number of constituents who are concerned about both its condition and the reduction of the speed limit to 80km/h,” Mr Bull told Parliament.

Mr Bull said his office had previously raised the matter with VicRoads, which confirmed the speed reduction was due to the condition of the road and that it “does not form part of the current roads program”.

“This is after Labor has come to office and slashed $307 million in two years with cuts to the Road Asset Management Budget and the Road Operations and Networks Budget, while also scrapping the Country Roads and Bridges Program, which provided $160m to regional councils for works that fall under its jurisdiction.

“We are seeing speed limits being reduced in all parts of the State while our road surfaces continue to deteriorate.

“Local residents have told me that speed limits are being reduced due to the condition of the roads rather than fixing them.

“As a result they have asked me to seek the Minister’s views on whether this is an acceptable situation and whether the Minister intends to reinstate the cuts to road funding to address such matters,” he said.

The Minister has 30 days to respond.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016