Labor’s College commitment a slap in the face for school community
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Labor’s College commitment a slap in the face for school community

With State Election Day looming this Saturday, Gippsland East Nationals MP Tim Bull has provided a summary of his commitments to East Gippsland, which is headed by the building of Stage 2 of the Bairnsdale Secondary College, rather than more maintenance money as promised by Labor.
Mr Bull said the Liberal Nationals built Stage 1 and committed to Stage 2 in 2014 and again this year with $15 million on the table.
“For Labor to offer more maintenance money and say it will do a master plan is ridiculous,” he said.
“Stage 1 is done and the plans to build Stage 2 have been there for over four years. This master plan waffle is simply a delaying tactic.”
Mr Bull said the Liberal Nationals would also deliver many other commitments Labor had not agreed to, including:
• $633m for new long haul V/Line carriages with buffet cars;
• $2.2m for the new Bairnsdale Fire Brigade;
• Additional holiday period police for Lakes Entrance;
• $13.4m to finish the Macalister Irrigation District modernisation;
• $3.5m for a new Orbost police station.
• $200,000 for the Paynesville Foreshore Redevelopment Plan;
• $1 billion in additional funding to fix country roads;
• $1.5m Bullock Island development;
• Funds to significantly upgrade Lucknow, Heyfield and Boisdale sporting facilities; and
• $1.5m towards the establishment of the Omeo Mountain Bike Park.
“The choice is fairly clear here, we have real commitment to all these projects, not maintenance money and master plans, we will deliver as we did from 2010 to 2014 when in Government,” he said.
Thursday, November 22, 2018