Paynesville Road backflip welcomed
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Paynesville Road backflip welcomed

The State Government has back-flipped on its plans to install centre-of-the-road barriers on Paynesville Road, a decision welcomed by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.
“My thanks to all those who signed the petition asking for more common sense in these decisions and better public consultation, rather than the Government telling us it is happening and advising us it will be good for us.”
Mr Bull said a project update, received last week, stated the decision to remove the centre barriers from its plans.
“Unfortunately this update also advised the overtaking lanes would not be built either. The reason provided was that there was an existing water main that would have required relocation in order to construct the overtaking lane,” he said.
“It astounds me that this was not known prior to this stage of the project and it shows a clear lack of sensible planning and consultation. It is very similar to the incident last year when the roadside barrier was placed in the middle of the cyclist lane.
“From the early days of this project, the level of consultation with the community has been exceptionally poor and I have voiced this with the Roads Minister on multiple occasions.
“The majority in the community clearly did not want centre of the road barriers and this is a win for all those who raised the matter with me,” he said.
Mr Bull said he now hoped common sense would prevail on the Princes Highway where roadside barriers are being installed adjacent to open flat grazing land, where even if a car was left the road, there was nothing to hit but open grassland, rather than be corralled back into traffic lane.
Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has welcomed the State Government’s decision to remove the installation of centre-of-the-road barriers on Paynesville Road from its plans.
Tuesday, January 29, 2019