Labor’s Transport Department priorities wrong
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Labor’s Transport Department priorities wrong

Daniel Andrews has ordered that the Department of Transport hire 6 Deputy Secretaries at up to $448,000 each - more than $2.6 million, meanwhile one in five Bairnsdale train services arrives late. 
Gippsland East Nationals MP Tim Bull has criticised the Department of Transport for its move to hire more senior bureaucrats at a time when services on the Bairnsdale line can’t achieve acceptable punctuality targets.
“The Bairnsdale line only achieved 79.6% of its punctuality target in March 2019,” said Mr Bull.
“Regular users of the Bairnsdale line tell me they are having to travel the day before and incur additional accommodation costs to be sure they can attend appointments or reliably connect with the next leg of their journey.
“Everywhere I go, I am inundated with feedback from people who have missed appointments and special occasions as a result of our unreliable train services.
“Many of these travellers are older folk who are attending specialist medical appointments in Melbourne, which is stressful enough without the added worry that they won’t get there on time.
“With one in five train services from Bairnsdale arriving late, train travellers cannot confidently schedule appointments until that improves significantly.
“Labor’s priorities are all wrong,” said Mr Bull.
Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP Tim Bull, says that Labor needs to get Bairnsdale trains running on time before hiring more senior bureaucrats.