East Gippsland needs clean-up support
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East Gippsland needs clean-up support

More support for those wanting to clean up and get on with rebuilding is being sought by Nationals Gippsland East MP, Tim Bull.
“While we still have fire in some areas, many are ready to start moving on and the first thing they need to do is start the clean-up.
“After the Black Saturday fires in 2009 the state government set up a fund for the clean-up of damaged and destroyed homes.
“We need similar assistance to cover site clean-up costs for all destroyed and damaged properties – both those insured and not insured, meaning insurance payments can be fully utilised for rebuilding.
“The funding is needed to help pay for the clean-up of hazardous materials. This includes the removal of asbestos-contaminated material released as a result of the bushfires, concrete slabs and all dangerous debris including destroyed homes and trees.”
In New South Wales, the State Government has announced a fund for the clean-up of properties damaged and destroyed by the recent bushfires, as well as disaster recovery grants for affected primary producers, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.
NSW is also waiving waste levy fees for residents disposing of bushfire generated waste at nominated facilities.
“The NSW Government’s response has been immediate and ours needs to be just a rapid,” said Mr Bull.
Mr Bull said he was pleased the request he made to the Premier to provide counsellors for those families who needed assistance with recovery, had been granted.
“That was good, but it needs to be followed up with a raft of announcements this week, or we will be left behind again.”
Caption: Nationals Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, is seeking clean up assistance for bush fire affected property owners who want to commence rebuilding their homes.