Government urged to allow common sense on restrictions
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Government urged to allow common sense on restrictions

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, is continuing the push to have common sense applied to provide more freedom under the current COVID-19 restrictions.
The Nationals used the special sitting of Parliament to ask the Premier to change the interpretation of directives relating to a number of activities that are all allowed in other states, including fishing, boating, golf, prospecting, hunting and horse riding.
“While we need to maintain certain restrictions and proceed with caution, we have activities like fishing, boating and golf that are allowed in every other state except Victoria and it makes no sense.
“The curve is flattening nation-wide, which shows that these extra precautions in Victoria are making no difference.
“Over recent weeks I have been approached by a host of residents who say, for example, fishing or golf is how they deal with their mental health challenges, it is what they do to clear the head and keep on top of things.
“We can’t be blasé about this, we need to tread with caution, but when every other state and territory deems some of these activities safe, we should be looking at falling into line with them.”
Mr Bull said there was a significant level of frustration in the community about some of the restrictions that just don’t pass the common-sense test.
“It seems ludicrous that someone can go for a walk along a river but they can’t stop and throw a line in, they can go paddle boarding but not windsurfing. I understand these decisions were made quickly and am not critical of that as it had to be done on the run, but enough time has now passed to review these decisions and correct anomalies.
“To reintroduce these activities would not open any floodgates for visitors, as the same non-essential travel rules would apply and the activities would be classed as exercise, which can only be undertaken in your own community.
“I am being regularly contacted by people from right across East Gippsland who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to fish, play golf or go horse-riding locally without needing to travel more than a few kilometres.
“It just doesn’t make sense for Victoria to be so much more restricted on some of these issues than all other states with no reasoning or justification.
“All my constituents are asking for is consistency, clarity and some common-sense applied,” he said.
Fishing at Mallacoota image courtesy of Visit Victoria Content Hub