Stop re-announcing planning money and build our new secondary college
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Stop re-announcing planning money and build our new secondary college

The Andrews Labor Government must think we are fools in East Gippsland.
In its media release on November 19, 2018 it stated:
Labor will invest $1.4 million for the school (Bairnsdale Secondary College) to undertake a masterplan towards redevelopment of the school and urgent works.
In its media statement today, May 18, 2020 it says:
The Victorian Government is providing $1.26 million to prepare a master plan for the school’s (Bairnsdale Secondary College) future development. This will prepare for a modernisation, as well as urgent early works.
Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, says the commentary is concerning on a number of fronts.
• If this is the same money, why has $140,000 been shaved off the original commitment?
• If it was “urgent” works in 2018, why has it not been done after 16 months?
• Why has the promised master planning not even commenced in the past 16 months?
“When the announcement was made in 2018, I was critical of it as at the time I had already seen detailed plans by the school council for the completion of the re development, said Mr Bull.
“The Liberal Nationals Coalition funded and completed the $10m stage one when in Government and committed to stage two ($12.5 million) prior to the 2014 election – the plans were done then.
“Now here we are in 2020 and the Government is re-announcing for the umpteenth time, that it intends to do a master plan.
“Today the state announced funding for 10 new schools across the state, this is a slap in the face to the Bairnsdale Secondary College community.
“We are not fools Mr Andrews. If you want to get serious about our drought, bushfire and Coronavirus recovery, fund this school like you should have done six years ago,” said Mr Bull.
Caption: Local Nationals MP Tim Bull is calling on the Andrews Labor government to stop regurgitating old masterplan and urgent upgrades announcements and get on with stage two of the Bairnsdale Secondary College redevelopment.