V/Line passengers need more checks
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V/Line passengers need more checks

More stringent checking of passengers on V/Line services coming from Melbourne is required, according to Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.
“This is a matter I have discussed with country colleagues and it appears only very limited effort is being applied to querying metropolitan passengers coming to country areas.
“From what we are advised, the checking of V/Line passengers is described as sporadic at best, with very few taking place.
“This came to my attention after a regular passenger advised they have not been queried once while travelling to and from Melbourne for legitimate reasons.
“This person takes every precaution but was alarmed at having not been checked and having to ride with passengers who are never checked,” he said.
“What we are calling for as country MP’s is for more resources to be committed and a more coordinated approach to scrutinising the reason for travel,” said Mr Bull.
“A good start would simply be to have someone at the entry point to carriages checking addresses and asking the reason or travel.
“We have a lot of people who use the train to access important medical appointments in the metropolitan area and they deserve to have a higher level of protection.
“Passenger numbers are down on country services, so it would be relatively easy to check large batches of passengers and their reason for travel on the services coming out of Melbourne,” he said.
Image of Southern Cross Station courtesy of Visit Victoria Content Hub.