Labor crashing on licence testing
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Labor crashing on licence testing

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, says the State Government’s response to the licence testing dilemma impacting our region’s youth, has been appalling.

“When many country MP’s, including myself, raised this several weeks ago, we were told at the time that moves were afoot for online L Plate testing to be done at home as it is in other states, and the backlog of P Plate testing would also be addressed.

“However, here we are several weeks later and nothing has been done and we’ve had complete silence from the Minister.

“All that is said is that there is an exemption system in place if the licence is essential, but what they fail to understand is that having your licence is essential in most cases in the country where there is no public transport networks.

“Our mature teenagers not only need their licences to get to work, but also to apply for jobs. Our city based Labor MP’s don’t seem to understand that,” said Mr Bull.

“The exemption process is also flawed.

“As an example we have one young woman, just turned 18, who lives in a rural area and has to travel over 30 kilometres to her job. There is no public transport in her area and she is relying on her parents that have their own business that requires travel.

“She applied for an exemption multiple times, but each time was refused. She is the classic case of a young person having a go that should be eligible,” said Mr Bull.

“The crazy thing about this is under the current level of restrictions you can sit in an office to work, but cannot sit in an office to do your L Plate test and you can be in a car with two others to travel to and from work, but you can’t be in a car with two others to do your Probationary test.

“What we are asking for is in line with the current restriction levels, but because this blanket rule has been made, it is preventing common sense outcomes.

“I raised this over two months ago in the Parliament. The Minister has one month to reply and as yet no response, which I will be raising with the Speaker’s Office this week,” said Mr Bull.

Caption: Henry Moors, pictured with Gippsland East Nationals MP Tim Bull is, one of many locals awaiting to sit his Learner permit driving test. Unnecessary restrictions are causing huge delays for those wanting to obtain their L and P plates.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020