Licence testing resumes today
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Licence testing resumes today

Having raised the matter of driver licence testing in Parliament for the third time on Friday, Nationals Member from Gippsland East, Tim Bull, received an undertaking from the Minister it would resume today.

“It was pleasing that within a couple of hours of making my contribution about the ridiculous situation that had seen testing banned in regional areas, the Minister came to see me to say it would resume on Monday in country areas.

“The point I made was that people in country areas can sit in front of a computer and work, but a person could not sit in front of a computer at VicRoads to complete their Learner Permit test.

“Similarly, three people can travel to work in one car, but three people can not be in a car to do a Probationary Licence test. It just made no sense and what we were asking for, has been allowable under the restriction levels all the way through.

“The Government was saying for weeks there were exemptions for priority cases, but I had one young girl who needed to travel 31 kilometres to get to her work, but was knocked back on the exemption twice.

“There just seemed to be little recognition of the importance of obtaining a licence for our rural teenagers, who need to not only get to work, but apply for a job,” said Mr Bull.

“We just do not have the public transport options that our city cousins do.

“The challenge now will be dealing with the backlog of tens of thousands, but the good news is, that as of today, licence testing will resume for people in rural and regional Victoria.”

Monday, September 21, 2020