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MP calls for brumby culling halt

Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, has used the final sitting week of Parliament to again request an end to the shooting of brumbies in the High Country.
Mr Bull said the culling by contracted shooters, which is going on across the border in NSW as well, is not producing good outcomes.
“I have heard from very reliable sources of foals being found starving after their mothers have been shot, and another of a horse dragging its paralysed hind quarters behind that had to be put out of its misery.
“While this could be the result of recreational and illegal shooters, my point is the millions we are spending on trying to eradicate brumbies could be much better spent at the present time, including on getting rid of illegal shooters. Not to mention our shocking roads, health crisis, mental health crisis, transition funds for timber workers, pest plant control or our failing education system to support our local schools better.
“I am not at all comfortable the government has considered the brumbies are a tourist attraction. Many come to East Gippsland to photograph and paint them and we have sightseeing tour businesses.
“They take away our timber industry, can’t rebuild basic fire infrastructure four years later and then waste money on this, which the majority of locals do not support.
“There is no doubt brumby controls are required and I have not yet met a person who does not agree with that, but eradication is in my view a step too far and we have a large number of people who are putting their hands up to reduce numbers by other methods.
“What I would like to see is the government genuinely sit down and conduct a serious forum with these interested parties, something that has not yet happened.
“We have another Budget being prepared now that will be released in early May. What we need is the budget to eradicate brumbies removed and have the funds allocated to a higher area of need.
“Then some serious discussions with the groups that are happy to assist in alternate control measures should follow,” said Mr Bull.

Monday, 4 December 2023