Car parks gone in Bairnsdale CBD
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Car parks gone in Bairnsdale CBD

The removal of multiple convenient car parks adjacent to Coles supermarket in Bairnsdale by Public Transport Victoria (PTV), without prior consultation, has sparked community concerns. These parking spaces have made way for an expanded bus stop on Main Street, which is larger than the space it was replacing.
Nationals State MP, Tim Bull, expressed concern over the loss of nearby parking for supermarket shoppers stating the lack of forewarning regarding the substantial reduction in accessible CBD parking spaces, is disappointing and a step in the wrong direction.
"My office received numerous complaints from both the local community and Coles supermarket employees, prompting me to raise this issue with the Minister for Public and Active Transport," Mr Bull stated.
Acknowledging the bus stop's relocation for public safety reasons, Mr Bull noted that Coles had been assured by PTV that there would be no overall parking deficit, with the former bus stop area to be repurposed for public parking.
"However, PTV expanded the area by taking up more space than initially indicated, making way for approximately five bus bays.
“Rarely have I witnessed any more than two buses at the stop simultaneously.”
Mr Bull confirmed he had corresponded with the Minister, seeking assurances that there would be no net loss of parking, as initially pledged by PTV.
"Accessible parking is vital for ensuring customers' safe access and the continuous prosperity of local businesses. This issue is particularly critical during periods of high demand for parking, such as the current season," Mr Bull said.
He anticipates a response from the minister and intends to advocate for PTV to honour its commitment by restoring the much-needed parking spaces in our town.

Tuesday, 2 January 2024