Minister forced to backflip to help the blind
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Minister forced to backflip to help the blind

In a significant step towards inclusivity and safe access, Victorians who’ve experienced total vision loss will soon be eligible for an Accessibility Parking Permit.
This is following representations made by Local MP and Shadow Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers, Tim Bull, who said it was outrageous people who are blind or have low vision were previously excluded from accessible parking.
He said changes to the scheme in Victoria in 2021 resulted in this cohort being excluded.
Accessible Parking Permits allow bearers access to marked parking bays that are strategically located near to shopping centres, hospitals and medical centres, and other key places of importance.
“The 2021 exclusion made no sense. Anyone with half a brain can appreciate how difficult negotiating busy traffic environments would be for those whose sight is significantly compromised,” Mr Bull said.
“Thankfully commonsense has prevailed and Labor has backflipped on this decision.
“After strenuously lobbying for the immediate expansion of the Victorian Accessible Parking Scheme, the Minister has now advised me that our state will recognise people with total vision loss in the eligibility criteria, now aligning our parking system with other states and territories in the country.”
However, Mr Bull said the fight was not over.
“While I am pleased with the reinstatement of permit eligibility for people who’ve experienced total vision loss, I am disappointed the Allan Labor Government has failed to recognise the daily challenges of people who have low vision generally, they should also be afforded access to this permit system,” he said.

Monday, 8 January 2024