Greater opportunities
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Greater opportunities

Students will have more after school job opportunities following a Fair Work Australia draft decision to allow 1.5 hour shifts rather than the current minimum three hour shifts, Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said today.

“This will assist a raft of job seekers to enter the workforce, particularly students,” said Tim. “A number of students who had secured after school employment and those looking for employment were being told they could not be hired due to the three hour minimum work rule.

“It’s just not possible for students to finish school, get to work and then work three hours in local businesses, many of which close their doors at 5.30pm,” he said. “After school work is a fantastic way for young people to gain experience in the work force, hone their people skills and start to earn their own money and I would encourage employers to be pro-active in supporting students showing such initiative,” said Mr Bull.

“This was an issue which received great attention at The Nationals State Conference held in Wangaratta last year, and is one the Young Nationals and The Nationals Women’s Executive, pushed strongly.

“I have unfortunately heard stories of young people who have been sacked from positions due to the three hour minimum. No employer can afford to pay someone for three hours if they have only worked one and a half hours and they should not be expected to. “The draft ruling applies to secondary school students working for retailers between 3-6.30pm on weekdays and has come in after an application to Fair Work Australia by the National Retail Association.

“The Fair Work Act was actually disadvantaging young people wanting to work. Despite assurances no-one would be worse off under the new law, young people were disadvantaged.”