Workshop breathes new life into war memorabilia
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Workshop breathes new life into war memorabilia

More than 40 RSL memorabilia officers and community volunteers were taught the skills to better preserve and manage their community‟s war-related material today at regional Victoria‟s first Victorian Veterans Heritage Workshop, held at Gippsland‟s Veteran‟s Welfare Centre in Sale.

Member for Gippsland East Tim Bull, who was on hand to launch the event, said the workshop was designed to strengthen the capacity of RSLs, community museums and other heritage organisations to better preserve and display their historical artefacts.

“This workshop ensures our regional volunteers don‟t miss out on the necessary skills and knowledge to protect, preserve, manage and share their community‟s cherished collections,” Mr Bull said.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to preserving the legacy of our veterans and passing on their deeds to a new generation.

“Collectively Victoria has over 300 RSLs as well as hundreds of local museums, Legacy branches and other veterans groups. Each are custodians of thousands of objects and documents that help tell the story of Australia‟s wartime history.” Mr Bull said throughout the day participants learnt how to store and protect objects and documents, and were shown various methods of displaying materials safely and cataloguing collections of certificates, uniforms, photos and other items from museum professionals.

“It is pleasing that we are able to bring this workshop to regional Victoria for the first time and in doing so provide the opportunity for those who live in Gippsland to participate,” Mr Bull said.

Mr Bull said, other related projects include the Victorian Government‟s „Digital Storytelling‟ workshops, which so far have recorded the wartime experiences of over 120 Victorian veterans and civilians from across regional and metropolitan Victoria as part of a future online Virtual Veterans Museum.

“Veteran memorabilia and stories provide a valuable insight into our past and those important qualities that make up the Anzac spirit,” Mr Bull said.

“Working together, we can ensure that our important wartime history is preserved, so that the legacy of our veterans is there to inspire future generations of Victorians.”

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