Lakes group needs funding certainty
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Lakes group needs funding certainty

The need for additional funding for the Gippsland Lakes Coordinating Committee (GLCC), which expires in four months, has again been raised in State Parliament.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, used his first contribution in State Parliament last week to outline the importance of the funding for all those involved in GLCC programs and called on the Minister to end the uncertainty for these people.

“In January the Minister announced a name change for the group and I would have thought that was the ideal time to announce the funding,” Mr Bull said.

“This funding supports many great programs and draws on both paid and volunteer work from dedicated contributors from my community, who all have the best interests of the Gippsland Lakes at heart.

“Leaving the funding announcement (if there is to be one) until the 11th hour creates too much insecurity – we saw that last year with staff resignations due to the uncertainty.

“To leave it until Budget time is simply too late for those involved, waiting around until May to see if their programs are going to be continued. On behalf of these people I ask the Minister to outline her plans earlier.

“The other aspect of this is one year of funding at a time is far from ideal.

“To provide some background, $10m was provided over four years under the Coalition and a further four-year commitment was made pre-election.

“Despite similar pleas to the Minister last year, she announced just one year of funding and waited until within weeks of the funding expiring.

“What I am seeking to avoid is another repeat of this situation,” Mr Bull said.