Road safety improvements for motorcyclists

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, today said that works have started on more than $2 million of safety improvements for motorcyclists on Bonang Road and Monaro Highway.

“These roads are popular scenic tourist routes and are used regularly by many local riders,” Mr Bull said.

“The safety improvements taking place are important because they potentially stop an accident occurring or will lessen the severity of the injury if they do.

The road safety upgrades along these roads include: •    extra signs and guideposts to highlight the shape of curves so riders can adjust their speed to better negotiate the road; •    new guardfence safety barriers; •    motorcycle barrier protection, fitted to existing guardfence to lessen the impact and severity if a rider does crash; •    roadside vegetation trimmed or removed to improve visibility and reduce roadside hazards; and •    sealing of key intersecting roads and driveways to stop gravel spilling onto the road.

There have been five recorded motorcycle crashes along the section of the Monaro Highway near Noorinbee North (5.5kms long section will be upgraded) and 17 along the entire length of Bonang Road, where someone was injured.

 “This and other projects underway in the region target key sections of roads where motorcycle crashes are occurring and will provide road safety benefits for all road users,” Mr Bull said.

The projects are funded under the TAC Motorcycle Safety Levy Program and are expected to be completed by the end of June 2014.