Anti-violence program expansion

An East Gippsland program aimed at stopping men from using violence against women and children can now educate over 50 per cent more men to change and manage their behaviour after receiving a significant funding boost from the State Government.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, said Gippsland Lakes Community Health will receive $60,000 over four years to deliver expanded voluntary men’s behaviour change programs in East Gippsland, which was identified as an area that will benefit from an expansion of this service.

“The rate of violence against women and children in Gippsland is something we need to address and I have no doubt this initiative will be successful,” he said.

Minister for Community Services, Mary Wooldridge, said that the Victorian Coalition Government has committed $2.1 million over four years for a 22 per cent state-wide expansion of voluntary behaviour change programs for men who use violence, with the aim of breaking the cycle of violence and reducing recidivism.

“This funding will provide more than 1000 additional places in behaviour change programs for men who use violence,” Ms Wooldridge said.

Ms Wooldridge said that the programs are delivered according to the No To Violence minimum standards for running men's behaviour change programs.

Participants are assessed for motivation, intention and suitability for the programs, which include group work, as well as individual counselling, advocacy and support.

“The Men’s Behaviour Change Programs are a key initiative of Victoria’s Action Plan to Address Violence Against Women and Children 2012-2015, which is supported by more than $90 million in funding this year,” Ms Wooldridge said.

“The action plan outlines the Coalition’s commitment to preventing family violence occurring, to intervening earlier when it does occur, and to holding perpetrators to account.”

Services are being expanded where there is a high incidence of family violence, where the incidence is increasing, and/or where there are high rates of substantiated child neglect and abuse.  

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