State support for farmer health centre

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, has welcomed joint State and Federal funding for the National Centre for Farmer Health.

Mr Bull said he had been contacted by a number of local farmers over the past 12 months in relation to funding the centre.

"Now that the Federal Government has committed funds, the Victorian Coalition Government can deliver on its commitment of $250,000 in partnership funding to the Centre, money that was always on the table pending a Federal contribution.

“This weeks funding announcement allows the important work of the centre to carry on, whilst also providing some breathing space to continue discussions with other States, the Federal Government and private providers for a sustainable outcome,” Mr Bull said.

“I would now encourage other State Governments to step up, as the Victorian Coalition Government has done, and commit to supporting an ongoing partnership.

“The Victorian Coalition Government has repeatedly requested a partnership funding arrangement for the centre, in line with the delivery of outcomes that benefit not only Victorian Farmers, but farmers and rural communities nationally,” Mr Bull said.

“Geoff Handbury was instrumental in establishing the Centre in 2008, and the Handbury Family Trust has provided substantial philanthropic support to the Centre.

“It is important that this investment in the establishment of the Centre and the delivery of positive outcomes for Australian farmers is not lost,” he said.