Mallacoota medical update sought
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Mallacoota medical update sought

State Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, asked the Minister for Health for an update on her negotiations in relation to the future of the Mallacoota Medical Centre in Parliament recently.

Pre-Christmas, Mr Bull raised the matter with the Minister after community concerns over its ongoing viability were raised due to the practice being left with one doctor, down from three.

In addressing the Minister, Mr Bull said: “As you know I raised this last year and you advised your department was in negotiations on the issue and that the department would monitor and report on the progress of these negotiations.”

“I have subsequently been contacted by community members in January and early February and seek an update from the Minister on the progress of these discussions, including what solutions are being explored.

“Some community members have suggested a multipurpose service be funded and I am certainly interested in the Minister’s views on this proposal and any others that are being considered.”

Mr Bull told the Minister it was a unique situation due to Mallacoota’s geographical location.

Monday, February 21, 2016