Question ignored, extra police denied
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Question ignored, extra police denied

The Lakes Entrance community has been given no reassurance that increased levels of police will cater for local residents and the thousands of visitors expected to visit the area over the Easter holidays.

Member for Gippsland East, Tim Bull, who for more than a year now has been calling for increased levels of policing from outside the region coinciding with peak holiday periods, in February asked the Minister in Parliament if she had decided to support provision of more police over the Easter period.

This followed a visit by the Chief Commissioner in January when he informed Mr Bull the matter would be given consideration.

Almost two months later, the Minister has still yet to respond, almost two weeks past the due answer date.

“I am assuming her reasoning for not answering my request is the fact that she is refusing to provide increased police levels, and this decision not to respond is disappointing for the entire Lakes Entrance community,” Mr Bull said.

“The people of Lakes deserve the courtesy of an answer on this.”

“I am aware the station is often closed over weekends and I know this was the case during the summer holidays in January.

“To have the station closed over peak holiday periods is a situation that is just not acceptable, and for the problem to go on for this amount of time shows the Government has a serious problem with police numbers,” Mr Bull said.

Monday, April 3, 2017