Life-saving equipment for sporting clubs
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Life-saving equipment for sporting clubs

Life-saving defibrillator packages can be acquired by Gippsland’s not-for-profit community organisations and venues delivering sport and active recreation programs, according to Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull.

“They can be a lifesaving asset for any organisation, so I encourage local groups to apply to the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program by the 22 December closing date”, Mr Bull said.

“The package includes a Philips HeartStart FRx Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), some basic emergency resuscitation skills training and six years of essential defibrillator maintenance.

“An AED is a small portable medical device that detects heart electrical activity and delivers an electric shock based on the readings. As it’s automatic and has clear instructions, it doesn’t require a paramedic to operate it and can be used by anyone. This makes it an essential life-saving tool for sporting clubs, giving nearby spectators the opportunity to save a life.

“In 2017, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the leading causes of death in Australia. With more than 33,000 Australians experiencing an out of hospital SCA every year, many falling victim at sports clubs, it’s important to seek ways to look after players and spectators and prevent unexpected deaths.

“A SCA is caused by an underlying problem that results in the heart’s electrical system malfunctioning. These heart conditions are often genetic and symptom-less or by a heart being placed under extreme stress in something like a normal Saturday afternoon sporting game.

“They’re lethal and the best way to restart the heart is by using an Automatic External Defibrillator or AED.

“In a life threatening situation every second counts and people in Gippsland deserve the best chance at surviving a sudden cardiac arrest.

“This is a great opportunity for club members to boost their first aid skills, improve planning for medical emergencies and ensure players or spectators suffering sudden cardiac arrest get help until paramedics arrive”, Mr Bull said.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Caption: Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull pictured holding an AED accompanied by Peter Fielding, Manager of Bairnsdale Bowls Club, is encouraging sports clubs and community recreation organisations to apply for a life-saving defibrillator package.